22/03/20 I Didn’t even noticed a month has already passed since my last update. Things have changed since then: I’m living the smartphone life again, my internship has started, but I also had to move back to Holland, because of the Corona virus. I’m here now since Thursday evening. The last days I’ve been unpacking, decluttering and planning the coming weeks here. My visual diary procrastinated a bit as I worked most days in the studio and the days were really similar. For now I’m working on some personal projects and will do my internship from home. (Will keep you updated about those)
My brother came to visit me, the weekend before I had to leave (Tempelhofer Feld)
21/02/20 Gutentag! Twenty-one days have passed since I’ve moved to the big city... I’ve been drawing like crazy (as you can see): trying to visualize what has happend during my time here. I came here with only my Nokia, but I have to tell you that I brought my iPhone with me incase of emergency. And I needed it. Last Monday was the first time I used it since I left Holland. I needed to make an appointment, which I could only do through Instagram, so I had to use my iPhone as I cannot send private message through the website of Instagram. Since then I’ve been doubting if this project is working the way I expected it to. 
So what next? I’ve been thinking this through for a couple of days now and I talked to some of my fellow illustration-friends about my doubts. They said that I should do what would feel right, and I agree with that. I’m now steering this project in a “slighty” different direction: I will use my iPhone again, but I will rethink how I will use it. I delete apps that trigger me to use them all day long. I’ll turn off most of my notifications, so that I won’t feel triggered or pressured to responed directly. I will still continue the visual diary: As a kid I wrote diary after diary, but now, instead of writing, I can make it visual!
Pros and cons Nokia-life

+   No pressure to respond
+   Increased productivity
+   No need to be affraid of pickpockets :)
+    I loved navigating with a map
-    Transfering money by laptop.
-    Nokia’s are not comfortable to call with. It doens’t filter any sound and it was uncomfortable to my ear.
-    Writing a text took forever.

I think I can reach these pros also with my iPhone if I rethink it a bit :)

08/02/20 Update: Some intense days have past this week! I must say that it’s not as hard as I thought it would be; not having a smartphone. On the other hand, not having a social life in a city with 3 million citizens is way harder and super overwelming. I was happy Merel arrived on Monday so we could hang out and bike around Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Mitte! Yesterday I went alone to a bar to draw while Merel was at a concert. People were super curious about what and mostly why I was drawing, so I finally had some social interaction with new people! Only one week in: everything is going to turnout just fine! (And my 30 Euro Nokia takes super cool foto’s!)

Bar: Taqueria Florian, Kreuzberg

19/01/20 I redid my website, so I can keep up a ‘blog’ for (at least) the upcoming five months. I’ll be moving to Berlin in 11 days. The fun part is that I’ll be doing this without a smartphone! For those five months I’ll be documenting this through a visual diary, analogue photography and writing. I’m curious to see how this social experiment will influence my creative and social life, but also my phychological health.