Visual story teller & printmaker
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Liselotte Bergstra (1996) is an illustrator and printmaker based in Groningen, the Netherlands. With a background in graphic design she started the illustration and animation Design bachelor at Minerva Art Academy. She graduated in June 2021 as a nominee for the Minerva Award for Design.

Intrigued by everyday life, Liselotte fills sketchbook after sketchbook in the form of a visual diary. In this way she reflects on the daily occurrences that happen around her; thoughts, conversations, dating life, travels etc.

Inspired by nature and botanical illustrations; She studies shapes, shadows, and colours. She then translates these observations into colourful modern work using analogue materials such as coloured pencils, fineliners and ink.

Together with Puprle Carrot Collective she has set up an independent screen printing studio in Groningen.

Illustration & Animation Design Bachelor, Minerva Art Academy
Graphic Design, Deltion College 

Awards and nominations 
2021 Nomination Minera Award for Design

Worked with
Hanze Hogeschool

2022 Lalaloes, Kampen (solo)
2021 IJswee exhibition (Okki Poortvliet), CBK Emmen
2021 Artsthread Global Design Graduate Show
2021 Detour Graduation show
2019 Barricades festival 
2019 Shitshow expo 
2019 Gallery H200 
2019 City Central Groningen

2021 ViceFest
2019 Pop-up shop Academy Minverva