Liselotte Bergstra (1996) is an illustrator and printmaker based in Groningen, the Netherlands. With a background in Graphic Design she started the Illustration & Animation Design bachelor at Minerva Art Academy three years ago. She’s currently working on her graduation project. Intrigued by daily life, she fills sketchbook after sketchbook in the form of a visual diary. In this way she reflects to the things that happens around her; thoughts, conversations, dating life, travels etc.

Illustration & Animation Design bachelor, Minerva Art Academy

Graphic Design, Deltion College

Exhibitions and events
2019 Barricades festival (Illustratie57)
2019 Shitshow expo (Illustratie57)
2019 Pop-up shop Minerva
2019 Gallery H200 (Illustratie57)
2019 City Central Groningen (Illustratie57)

+31 6 55074110